Editing Videos

  • If you want to change the camera transition points in the video, it is quite easy. Follow the tutorial video here.

Searching for Swimmers

  • To add more swimmer IDs to your account, click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen and select Account. Then click on the “Add more swimmers” button to search for swimmers by name.

USSIDs and SwimClips IDs

  • SwimClips was designed for USA Swimming sanctioned meets. At all USA Swimming sanctioned meets, all swimmers must be entered with proper USA Swimming IDs (USSIDs), which are verified by USA Swimming before the meet begins.
  • For non-USA Swimming meets (eg. High School, Rec Leagues, YMCA), there is no requirement for entries to have USSIDs. In the cases where entries are made for a meet with no USSID, SwimClips will generate a SwimClips USSID (SCUSSIDs). These always begin with Alphabetic characters (USSIDs always begin with the first 6 characters representing the swimmer’s birthdate).
  • To see videos from non-USA Swimming meets, it’s important for the user to add the SCUSSID to their account. Please see the section above “Searching for Swimmers” for more details on how to find the SCUSSID.

Swimmer Privacy

  • SwimClips takes swimmer privacy very seriously. There are two broad areas where swimmer privacy is protected:
    1. Accounts: A particular swimmer’s USSID can only exist in one user account by default. If a swimmer’s USSID is already associated with a user account and another user tries to add that same USSID to their account, they will get a warning that it is not allowed, along with a button they can push to appeal that. An appeal will send an email to the support staff at SwimClips. They will review the information in the appeal and either approve the addition of that USSID to a second account (eg. if two parents want to have separate accounts, or if the swimmer themselves wants to have their videos in their own account), deny the request, or even delete the USSID from the previous account – all depending on the circumstances. Coach accounts are the exception – a USSID can exist in a user account as well as a coach account (all coach accounts are reviewed and approved by SwimClips support staff).
    2. Footage: In the unlikely/rare event of a privacy-impacting situation occurring during a swim meet being recorded by SwimClips (eg. a swimmer’s suit falls off during a swim), SwimClips will delete the raw footage recorded during that Event/Heat, and no videos will be produced for that Event/Heat. The procedure to follow in such a rare event is:
      • Notify the SwimClips operator during the meet that a privacy-impacting event has occurred. This notification can come from either the Meet Director, the Meet Referee, or a Coach. The SwimClips operator will then delete the raw footage during the impacted Event/Heat, and no videos will be produced for that Event/Heat
      • If the situation is discovered after the meet has been produced, the Meet Director, Meet Referee, a Coach or a Parent/Swimmer themselves can send an email to support@swimclips.com. Upon review of the request, SwimClips support staff will delete the raw footage and all produced videos from that Event/Heat, and will refund any purchases that have already been made from that Event/Heat.